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Phantom Xanon's New Video to "Wednesdäy Addäms" from Extroverted Loner

Chicago’s Phantom Xanon drops a new single with a music video in what I like to describe as the band Deftones meets Hip Hop but even that is too simplistic. The Phantom Xanon sound is a bend of multiple genres; as far as separating himself from other recording artists, his vocals alone do that.

Phantom can be seen performing and singing while rocking some black and white “Wednesday Adams” type fits. The video has a dark and grungy aesthetic to it.  

The singing styles and mix on this record are crispy, the sonic production really stands out and captures the essence of the genres he’s fusing together. It’s something like Nirvana and Incubus meets Trippie Redd and Juice WRLD, his style of music is definitely cutting edge and deserving of an audience especially if you consider yourself a music connoisseur.  

The video is shot by LapisStone and edited by Phantom Xanon and YungRomeoX, the visuals feel and look like grungecore, on point for the vibe of the track. 

“Smoke until I feel like I’m in new dimensions, simulated life” croons Xanon,there’s a few different lines that stand out this being one of them. 

“And so I’m done, done, I play so many shows I’m on the run, run, take you cross country we’ll be fine, fine, weekends in Vegas, drink some rum, rum,” the flow and melody of these lines just hit so hard, Wednesday Addams is a HIGHLY re-playable song. I recommend this in the morning with coffee inside the car with the bass turned up, smoking at the crib, or perhaps a midnight slumber wind down record as well, it's certainly a mood and a bit nostalgic too. 

I feel as if the idea of this song romanticizes the gal of your dreams, or perhaps one’s nightmares, a Wednesday Addams anti-heroine, the woman that can easily destroy you. 

Wednesday Addams can be viewed on YouTube and the song is streaming on all platforms from the album, Extroverted Loner.

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