Chicago's Very Own Wilhelm Duke

Unique, charismatic, and talented only scratch the surface in describing Wilhelm Duke. However, there is one word that does him justice: Wilhelm Duke is Authentic. Few people sing so honestly from their heart and soul. Wilhelm Duke does so in a style that combines his Nebraskan/Swedish roots with his immersion into Chicago hip hop. WD is lyrical, soulful, raw, and upbeat. WD aims to create music that inspires us to think, read, listen, love, and dance.

Totally Thru (Directed by Maveric Media)(Official Video)

Totally Thru (Directed by Maveric Media)(Official Video)

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About Wilhelm Duke

Hip Hop's Robber Baron

Wilhelm Duke is a Swedish American rapper based in Chicago Illinois, originally from Omaha Nebraska. Wilhelm Duke is a part of the music collective Ever Evolved as a rapper, writer, and curator. Wilhelm Duke used to be one half of the Chicago rap duo, Bombay Boyz. (2014-2019)

Wilhelm Duke's first project, The Robber Baron, is out now and streaming everywhere!

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