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Prolific Profiles Interviewing Chicagos finest artists and entrepreneurs

By Will Bolanos

Prolific Profiles Interviewing Chicagos finest artists and entrepreneurs

By  Jacobi

Chicago based musician, Wilhelm Duke, breaks down his song "Free PPL" which can be found in his latest album, 'The Robber Baron'. You can also find Wilhelm and the other members of the Ever Evolved music collective touring overseas to Vienna on May 22nd, 2020. Fund the Ever Evolved Vienna tour! INDIEGOGO: Listen to Wilhelm Duke! Spotify: Apple Music: SoundCloud: Google Play: Follow Wilhelm Duke! @wilhelmduke Follow Jacobi on social! Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Like, comment, and subscribe! #WilhelmDuke #Music #Lyrics For business inquiries email:

By Chicago 60

HEY CHICAGO! This week on DAAA PODCAST we have a very special guest, Wilhelm Duke, a local Chicago hip-hop and rap artist who has been making some noise in the Chicago scene. Wilhelm Duke and the C60 crew discuss hip-hop and rap and the effects of social media on how the industry is being portrayed today. Having just released his new album, "Robber Barons," Wilhelm Duke and C60's very own "Vezaman" delve into how social media has changed how hip-hop is viewed, discussed and produced and how younger rappers are being able to do things more on their own. Stay tuned every week as we bring you the stories and talk with the talented people, artists, musicians, comedians, and business owners that make up this great Midwestern town that we love that starts with a "C" ends with an "O" and has "HICAG" in the middle of it... CHICAGO! As always, BEAR DOWN and F*&% da Packers! FOLLOW WILHELM DUKE: Instagram: @wilhelmduke Facebook: @wilhelmduke Twitter: @wilhelmduke7 Soundcloud: Follow us and find more hilariousness here: Facebook: Instagram: @chicago_60 Twitter: @ChicagoSixty

Wilhelm Duke “The Robber Baron”

By Melly Starz

Wilhelm Duke releases debut project “The Robber Baron”. An old school boom bap record reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop. The 7 track record is entirely produced by Orlando Coolridge of SlumpGang777. The project is recorded, mixed, and mastered by RhymSter of Ever Evolved.

Album Review: Wilhelm Duke Takes Hip-Hop Culture Back To Its Roots On "The Robber Baron"

By Ryan Rosenberger

An album review on The Robber Baron which premiered on Ryan Rosenberger's Chicago Now platform for independent music journalism.

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