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Jetty's Take Off

Singer, songwriter, and recording artist Jetty releases a 6 track album titled Take Off which is also the lead single from the project. Irrefutably, the work is BRILLIANT. What can be described as a sound influenced by Santigold, Missy Elliott, Beyonce, Doja Cat, Ari Lennox, etc, Jetty sounds like versions of all of them at times and even more! An infectious sound, voice, and such a distinct style you’ll be running the record back as soon as you finish bumping the last song, Saucin.

The cover art to go with the project is high def, 6 different animated (Blender maybe?) character avatars which coincide with each of the 6 tracks on the project. Jetty’s first avatar is a pilot in a cute one piece with aviator goggles, then a western outlaw in an all beige duster with a bandanna, then a woman in Red hair and shades, a woman wearing a yellow suit with an umbrella, a woman wearing fancy winter clothes, and a woman in a chef’s outfit. All of these avatars are directly related to the references, characters, and situations she alludes to in the songs.

Let's talk about the rhythm; Jetty is singing, yet she’s also sort of rapping, but there is never a loss of pitch or melody in the music. Her style has a high technicality to it that a fan of fast rap will be just elated to hear the different patterns that Jetty is able to lay over instrumentals. Every song keeps you hooked in with a roller coaster like pace; her annunciations and inflections add a percussionist feel that would be difficult for any vocalist to accurately replicate. You’d need to be quite the seasoned jazz, hip hop, and soul vocalist in order to cover a record by Jetty.

I’ve known Jetty since college and her music is a gift, not only to anyone that will have the pleasure to bump this album, but also to real artists and musicologists that can respect the project’s sophistication. If you’re looking for something different, yet attractive and fresh; this 6 piece project is just the thing you need to bump and add to your regular rotation.

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