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MOECYRUS Links with Vic Spencer and DJ Skoli for C.A.F.E.

Updated: Aug 23

A fun, hyper, and bouncy euro-dance like instrumental from DJ Skoli paired with two raw, rustic, and punchy verses from the seasoned well known Chicago emcees in MOECYRUS and Vic Spencer, C.A.F.E. reminds me of some great Chicago collabs over the years. Adding to the lexicon of an already competitive Chicago atmosphere, MOECYRUS and Vic Spencer once again deliver for fans of lyric focused hip hop.

C.A.F.E. as an acronym stands for Chicago Ain't For Everybody; and after living here for over 10+ years I can verify that is quite literally true.

"This shit harder than a Spanish test, written in Chinese, I'm like what the fuck you thought, MOE and VIC, everybody getting press, but this is what you need, move around fuck away, we don't want that energy!" These lines signify how dope of a collaboration it is to hear MOECYRUS and Vic Spencer together on a record, and if you're not going to rock with it, they're not going to care.

"I'm like what's inflation? everything is priceless, when you're MVP the envy comes regardless!" This line references how you can't put a price on a song like C.A.F.E. when its bringing together Chicago champs such as DJ SKOLI, MOECYRUS, and Vic Spencer.

"The blunt thicker than snickers, and I smoked it by myself I don't be splitting with n***as, drinking the liquor a 5th in Wicker...licking the diamond, and while its drying, lacing up sneakers that I be buying." Here the legendary Vic Spencer details some of his habitual routines, which don't include sharing with those that mooch, and rocking fresh fits in neighborhoods such as Wicker Park. He also mentions he's an "Old ass rapper in new garments" I resonated with this line as I just turned 30, copped some new threads over the weekend, and certainly feel like this witty Vic Spencer line.

MOECYRUS and Vic Spencer match veteran verses over a groovy DJ SKOLI instrumental that definitely deserves your ears this summer as you cycle through your favorite Chicago hip hop and playlists; make sure to include C.A.F.E. in your rotation!

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