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Pharroh Afternoon’s “Ape In A Tree”

Updated: Aug 23

Chicago rapper and recording artist Pharroh Afternoon releases a 5 track power punch EP in “Ape In A Tree”, a melodic vibey project with introspective lyricism and sweeping vocal hooks paired with stylized auto tune and ad libs that feel channeled from Playboi Carti. Pharroh Afternoon is sonically sculpted from a plethora of artists and influences, everything from new wave to old school 2000s hits. He can sing, he can rap, and how he organizes his merchandise 12PM, is an art all of its own. 

When I think of “Ape In A Tree’ I think of a pondering primate, maybe slightly stand offish, but in a position of power and wisdom, looking down from a tree that the ape had to climb in order to get to that height. There’s probably a lot of philosophy to draw upon when it comes to the theme of an “Ape In A Tree,“ but to me it feels as if the idea of the ape in a tree is where instinctual meets principle, where moral and spiritual supersedes the sacral. 

Ape In A Tree is a fitting title for the project considering songs such as “Sorry” which is probably my favorite track on the record. “Sorry” has an infectious melody, thematically the song surrounds the idea of apologizing to your woman and promising to be there for her in times of need. “For all the lonely nights I said I’m sorry aye, if you feel a way you should have warned me baby, really would have came I’m just one call away, I wanna see you smile don’t wanna cause you pain!” The melody line here Pharroh vocally glides with world class style influenced by the more modern hip hop singing. The production and songwriting is excellent with the track having a high degree of replay ability. Spin it again and again and again. 


“They say how you get to be so charismatic!” A line directly pulled from the opening track, Utopia, from Ape In A Tree. Charismatic is how you’ll feel in Pharroh Afternoon’s signature clothing line, 12PM. 12PM recently released a limited line of tees in black, white, and red featuring the silhouette of a gorilla mouth about to chomp down on the logo for 12PM. 12PM is a perfect parallel to the name Pharroh Afternoon, make sure to peruse his website for the limited tees so you can have charisma too while bumping his latest tunes. 

Ape In A Tree is a 5 pack power punch of modern sounding hip hop music from the visionary that is Pharroh Afternoon. It’s part of a long line of the 12PM music catalog, paired with his latest merch, Ape In A Tree is bound to be a lasting entry into the Pharroh Afternoon universe.

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