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Stale and Unfit: Fresh and Fit Demonetized

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

In a shocking turn of events the popular women hating and women bashing YouTube podcasting platform Fresh & Fit, has been demonetized. Fresh & Fit was (well still is just that YouTube won’t pay them anymore lol) a Miami based podcasting show hosted by two jack asses named Myron Gaines and Fresh Prince CEO.

Before starting the show Myron was (quoting him directly) “a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security, arresting the bad guys” and Fresh Prince CEO worked for the popular template website maker, WIX (ironically that’s what my blog runs on lol). During a 23 minute long episode culminating in Myron crying and leaving the show, they detail how they got their start, some big memories and shows along the way, and what to do now that YouTube has taken their biggest revenue source away.

Now in the live episode which is still up on their channel available for viewing, they don’t mention how leading up to their demonetization, their team’s lawyer was actively making copyright strikes against competitors and working to take down channels they view as competition. Youtube apparently preemptively responded by just striking the monetization of their own channel specifically; and then re-activating revenue for the channels that received strikes from Fresh and Fit.

Well folks, what we are witnessing is Karma at work. For about 3+ years now they have made who knows how much profit from the online incel culture that fed into their haphazard narratives that men should duly follow. Everything from marrying 18-21 year olds but not until you’re 35, treating women disrespectfully to avoid whatever they view as simp culture, constantly and consistently treating women poorly who happened to have opposing views, kicking women off their show rudely who didn’t agree with their bullshit, kicking men off their show that defended women, and pretty much just creating a habit out of purposely making women feel so uncomfortable that they get themselves kicked off the show.

It’s hilarious to me they have lasted as long as they did with such horrid information. The only research needed for such opinions about the vitriolic spewing nonsense that is Fresh and Fit would be to just consume bits of their content, there’s really no saving grace and they just continue to shoot themselves in the foot with every piece of viral content, as the majority of it is entirely rude, offensive, and definitely misogynistic.

Glad that YouTube demonetized them, as far as free speech advocates go, YouTube hasn’t deleted their channel just that they can’t profit from the content on their own platform. Seems like freedom at work right? You can speak freely here but that doesn’t mean you can profit freely, because YouTube also has freedom themselves being a social platform. We shall see where Fresh and Fit end up in the future but maybe they should take some of their own medicine and just kick themselves off their own podcast.

Linked below is the full live stream episode from their YouTube channel.

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