Who Is Dale Dan Tony?

An Essay On Riff Raff

Jody Highroller, Peach Panther, Tangerine Tiger, Rap Game Carlos Slim, Rap Game James Franco, Rap Game Patrick Ewing, Rap Game Donut Sprinkles, Versaci Python, Daryl Strawberry, Larry Bird, Cranberry Vampire, and Marshmallow Mazerati, ok; you get the point of how many ways Riff Raff can sardonically and ingeniously brand himself using these sort of generic derivatives. I only say “generic derivatives” in the sense that he's making a joke or a pun off of something that already exists and flipping it for himself. There is an undeniable amount of originality to Riff Raff don’t get me wrong, but he still uses things that are already “things” and creates a joke off of it for his own brand. Again...brilliant but there is room for argument against his methodology of brand recognition.

Riff Raff for a short period of time last year in 2019 re-branded himself into a new persona that was no longer the wise cracking off beat belligerent brand rhymer that we all enjoy but rather a Euro like dance club vocalist. He became, albeit for a short time, Dale Dan Tony. The single that he recorded, which is still up for viewing, is called Dreamland. He uses Dale Dan Tony to brand the single but the song everywhere is still technically a Riff Raff single which means he must have changed it back and decided not to fully commit to the name change. This is completely understandable as he’s built such a strong foundation as the personality and artist of Riff Raff. At the end of the day his antics never cease to amaze me because his actions are literally written into his name. It has been some riff raff this whole time, and we’ve loved him for it.

I highly recommend watching Dreamland because if you’re familiar with Riff Raff and already are put off with him that’s not unusual but I do believe this song will give you a different perspective on him as a recording artist. “When I’m not around, who will be there walking as you fall asleep into a dreamland” is sung in such a punch drunk lullaby way that the song is completely intoxicating and you’ll want to replay it over and over. It reminds you of the early 2000s dancing your ass off for hours to the same types of Paul Van Dyk beats infinitely forever. Remember the music video of everyone dancing on the big red couch to the “We’re Alive” record by Paul Van Dyk? I do. And Riff Raff aka Dale Dan Tony’s single Dreamland brings me right back to that nostalgic feeling. Talent grows exponentially when it breaks out of its comfort zone as Riff Raff is clearly doing with a project like Dreamland. I’m excited to bump more records from the character especially if he continues to sing. Any more Dale Dan Tony and I’m an instant fan.

If Riff Raff continues to explore the possibilities of Dale Dan Tony, he might once again surprise us and come out of nowhere with electrifying content. And if he doesn't then it begs the question even more...who was Dale Dan Tony?

Click here to watch Dreamland

Photo Credit from Riff Raff's InstaGram/Facebook profile*

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