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Andreaus Haley’s Hand Me Down Shoes

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Chicago emcee and recording artist Andreaus Haley (FKA Dat Bizness) is back with another dope single and visual in “Hand Me Down Shoes”. The beat is produced by Reg Vader and the music video was done by Race Bannon. This is off Haley’s album Gotta E.A.T.

Haley can be seen rocking shows at Subterranean in Wicker Park, shaking up and taking pics with fellow Chicago legends such as SamIAm and Shadow Master MC, performing with scenic city backdrops, graffiti, and alleyways. 

For 80s and 90s babies, the phrase “hand me down shoes” resonates deeply, growing up we all couldn’t just rock the freshest kicks, sometimes they were what our older siblings wore previously. 

Andreaus Haley weaves sophisticated bars that give you a deeper sense of what it means to be a Chicago rapper ingrained in the culture. “Positivity I attract that, if it ain’t helping me grow, gotta subtract that! I survived in the ghetto where the gats clapped, move forward only homie never back track.”  Here Haley makes light of a tougher upbringing that’s lead to only surrounding himself with positivity. 

“We all get the same 24, every second is a blessing, y’all don’t hear me though.” Haley references trying to wake up some of his homies through gratitude and hustle. “Came a long way from stone washed jeans and used, rocking them hand me down shoes!” Not all kids grew up having to wear their older siblings stuff, but for the ones that do, it’s a special remembrance of growth and rags to riches. 

“Seen a lot of ups, seen a lot of downs, smoked a lot of blunts, drank a lot of crown!” This line sticks out to me as someone that’s also seen successes, failures, and usually at the end of a blunt or the bottom of a bottle, either way I celebrate, it’s relatable. It’s city grit. 

Go watch "Hand Me Down Shoes" on YouTube today to witness the underrated hip hop greatness that I'll always continue to support in Andreaus Haley! Link to the music video and his catalog below!

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