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Chicago Emcee Jovan Landry Celebrates a New Beginning

Updated: Aug 23

Jovan Landry recently dropped a powerful lyrical dance hit titled “New Beginning”, with quick staccato flows, meaningful punch lines, and an aesthetic that channels the great Missy Elliot with UK Grime hop vibes. Jovan can be seen rapping and dancing with Keyierra Collins in monochromatic jumpsuits against visceral colorful Chicago cityscapes. If this music video doesn’t give you that 90’s hip hop nostalgia whilst also remaining fresh for today's times, then I don’t know what will because this record and project does just that, and more! It’s a vibe and an instant classic!

The self produced instrumental for New Beginning is also one that Jovan recorded and mixed down herself, which is a valuable thing to be able to accomplish because many artists will always have to outsource different steps of the music making process. The whole of the record feels authentically Jovan, real Chicago hip hop and furthermore, real hip hop! It’s enjoyable getting to digest and write about rap records of this caliber.

“Feel my presence, my energy, that was sent to me instantly

If you swindle me, then I know you ain’t kin to me

I got that database, lavish, don’t gotta paper chase

Got a story that resonate, you can go check that resume”

Here Jovan lays out that if you cross her you are no longer considered family, friend, or acquaintance. She also doesn’t need to thirst after money, she hones in on a message and story that people will relate to. If you’re familiar with Jovan Landry as a rapper, producer, photographer, essentially a talented multi-faceted artist, then you’d know those lines are facts. Besides checking the resume, also go check that catalog!

Jovan Landry keeps a fluid pace leading right into the hook with the central idea being “My feet don’t fail me now, it's a new beginning!” Jovan’s lyrics and impeccable flow paired with Afro-diasporic movements from both her and Keyierra Collins create a stunning sonic and visual scape with “New Beginning”.

New Beginning is now available on streaming platforms, BandCamp, and don’t forget to watch the official music video on her YouTube channel!

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