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Fast Cars, Fancy Chains, Fresh Fits in “Fendi” by Krystall Poppin

Updated: Aug 23

Another flashy and hot video from West Texas (El Paso) queen of hip hop, Krystall Poppin. Fendi is blinged out and makes you want to bump in the club, dance hard, and head bang. I’ve been a Krystall Poppin super fan for a while and have always said she’s deserving of the same spotlight as her more mainstream peers and contemporaries; in 2023 she’s definitely one to look out for. 

The music video gives off original Fast & Furious vibes while fusing Texan hip hop street culture to make a visually sleek music video in Fendi. Krystall Poppin always brings a catchy flow no matter what beat she touches, the refrain is going to be memorable. 

“Pull up in that Bentley rocking Fendi that’s offending, bitches talking don’t offend me, catch me counting Benjis, negativity don’t affect me I’m counting plenty, I’m a dime you bitches Pennies, I’m just being petty!” Rapped quickly with a nice flow over the instrumental, Krystall Poppin will make you want to bang this track immediately and crank that factory bass in your whip, assuming you don’t have some 12 inch tweeters to slump to. 

She brings the bars, the flare, servs looks, fast cars, with star power presence, Fendi by Krystall Poppin and the music video directed by Sinzterz is climbing on YouTube, go watch the new music video now!

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