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Fessa and BLKMVN Link Up for Hertz from Their Upcoming Album WWNNNSZN

WeWinnin members (popularly phrased WWNNN) Fessa and BLKMVN link up for their dope new visual in “Hertz”, (first record off the upcoming WWNNNSZN) co-produced by them and MiyagiBeatz, and shot by HigherSelfFilms. 

If you’re familiar with WeWinnin you’ll know that they are no novices to the hip hop game, both Fessa and Blkmvn have been releasing records for a minute now. Hertz is a fresh sound and cut that any hip hop head (especially in Chicago) can appreciate. Also, peep the red vs blue boxing skit taking place in the visual for Hertz. When this originally dropped I saw a status about them getting into a fight and putting the gloves on, at first I thought there was real beef then I realized it was just a joke but there was a brand new music video and song collaboration between the two, refreshingly dope music to say the least. I’ve been rocking with WWNNN for the longest. 

The wordplay and lyrics in this track are insane, I think certain rappers get even more sophisticated and complex with the composition as they age (which gives a rapper like me inspiration and motivation, we were all the same class at Columbia College), BLKMVN and Fessa exemplify that well. 

BLKVMN and Fessa trade sparring bars back and forth “Catch up, they moving too slow, they escargot”, “we gonna shoot a show, rollin up, i'm watching Narcos” “Outside its 2 below, its heating up I found my spark though, better not bring your feelings to the bar show, chin up little n***a, where your heart go? “Off to see the wizard, bitches brainless they need body parts to borrow”; the way they rhyme everything with the ending “O” sound, the flow, the layered references, very cinematic rapping paired with a cinematic music video. BLKMVN in the all blue fit, and Fessa in the all golden brown, barring out, rapping with the lake and city as the backdrop, the pair shows why Chicago rap is the best rap in hip hop. 

Make sure to watch the full music video by clicking the link below and following them both on socials!

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