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Fun. with Mohawk Johnson

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

You might be familiar with Mohawk Johnson if you’re a Chicagoan who’s socially conscientious, forward thinking, and know the nuances of white supremacy. You might know Mohawk Johnson if you were really about this freedom fighting for civil rights back in 2020. If that doesn’t sound like you, then you might not be privy to this controversial yet extremely talented artist and activist. He is one of a kind, worthy of your listens, today.  

Mohawk Johnson is back with another, albeit possibly final record, at least that’s what he said on his Instagram. If that’s true, he’s leaving the recording business on a high note with a remarkable track in FUN. And FUN. is a ridiculously good time.

To start the record Mohawk takes an unusually high pitched filtered voice during the first half before leading into his real voice with a whispery transition to then him exclaiming how dope the track is. Which the track definitely is, a hit. Mohawk keeps the cadence consistent and uptempo on both verses where the bars just flow. In the 2nd verse when Mohawk raps in a raw unfiltered voice it's just as impactful as the former. This song is hype, light hearted, and comedic, I found myself laughing at a few strings of lines. 

“I asked her if she wanna be my girl and she declined it, had my feelings hurt but I’m a G I was reminded! A relatable line for all the gentlemen who’ve been respectfully declined, we’ve all been there, and we take our L’s in stride. 

“It’s a riot, I don’t miss, I just fire, the bullet find it, he like you I won’t deny it.” The way these bars flew over the beat was just bonkers. Mohawk’s songwriting paired with Hxry’s production plus Naughta’s engineering make for a bouncy and snappy record.  

If you’re smoking up to this record it’s gonna need a few replays, the value is high, and the vibe evokes feelings you might not have had in a while. I was thoroughly impressed by Mohawk's lyrics, ability to voice switch, and take different inflections throughout a track. Go stream and buy Fun. By Mohawk Johnson, available on Bandcamp today!

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