Hot Girl Meg: The Sexual Demagogue Goddess

Megan Thee Stallion, Hot Girl Meg, or also known as Tina Snow. She is a stallion in many ways and I’ll leave that up to your imagination. I first discovered her prowess and skills as a rapper and emcee as part of a Houston Texas based rap cypher. Immediately I noticed her sex appeal, obviously. But to be quite honest that’s not what stood out about her at all. I found this clip of her on FaceBook back in mid to late 2017, she could rap fast, and had a sophisticated way of conveying sexual lyricism. She didn’t remind me of Cardi B or Nicki Minaj so much as she seemed completely in a league of her own.

I was captivated. I love women in hip hop and she seemed so strong and hardcore. She has this signature style of absolutely demeaning men and her sexual partners in her rhymes. One would think that because of fragile masculinity that these types of bars wouldn’t go over the heads of male hip hop listeners very well. According to the metrics, men and women alike love it! I see caucasian boys ages 6-18 all over the internet lining up after shows to take pictures with the gorgeous and voluptuous Megan. She’s somehow grasped the hip hop and mainstream markets by storm. And I really think it’s because she takes this almost masculine demagoguery that is appealing to women that look up to her stage presence, femininity, her rap skills, and how her Hot Girl Summer is for everyone. I think men love this sexual demagoguery just as much, any man that says he wouldn’t want to be dominated by Megan Thee Stallion...well then I mean why is she so HOT right now?

If you analyze her lyrics she has line after line about how she can use her sexuality to control the unassuming man. If men didn’t like this about her, why do they bump her? Maybe they don’t even realize they’re being demeaned...and that of itself is perplexing. In 2019 its hilarious and fitting that the tides have turned against men in this niche aspect; how many years of music written by men that is completely dehumanizing to women with catchy melody have they endured? I’m not sure but you can understand my point, karmically, it’s about time the world was gifted with a Megan Thee Stallion. A woman that can popularize the sexual demeaning of men and get all the men to join along in song and dance. Now usually I’m not behind the hyper sexualization of artists, however, Megan’s expression of pure confidence is infectious. Her sex appeal feels like its something she owns completely. Considering I’ve watched her rise on YouTube, I think it’s highly unlikely that she is an industry plant. I doubt her brand is being micro-managed as much as negative industry stereotypes would have you assume. If you follow her you’ll see from her InstaGram that she’s friendly, currently a college student, constantly toting her french bulldog Foe Thee Frenchie around (he has his own InstaGram too) and is open to everyone adopting her wave and movement of Hot Girl Shit, Hot Girl Summer, Hot Girl etc. I recommend her episode on Pull Up with Joe Budden because you get a sense of her down to earth energy and ultra charisma. Joe in the interview kept saying he didn’t know if he agreed with her lyrics that sexually put men down but he kept smirking and laughing while doing so. And what does that tell you? Who knows, but one could definitely ponder valid reasons.

She has collaborated with Da Baby, Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla Sign, Diplo, Maxo Kream, Juicy J, Wale, she’s been on Jimmy Fallon, she’s released a charting album, she has broken billboard chart records, and in all sense of the popular term, Megan Thee Stallion is securing the bag. If you need a quick dose of pure Hot Girl Meg in perfect form; I highly recommend her video “Stalli Freestyle”, her clip from “The Houston Cypher” or her music video to the song “Realer”. Those are all examples of her tight flow, hard hitting bars, and sexual blasphemy of men. These videos are also all from different periods in her short two year career, and all are equally dope from a technical skill standpoint.

Megan Thee Stallion for the time the hottest entity in hip hop, and I’m not quite sure if men even realize what she’s saying, and to me...that’s real HOT GIRL SHIT.

Photo Sources: Robby Seabrook III from XXL Mag, October 24th, 2018 Noam Galai/ Getty Images for MTV.

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