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K-Reed Cleanses the Soul with The Remedy, a New Music Video from The Nostalgia Project.

The Chicago native sings a catchy somewhat bittersweet hook before getting into a metaphorically driven track that will really have you head bobbing while thinking introspectively to yourself. I think the best music always makes one feel that way, emotionally charged but rhythmically amped up. K-Reed really shines with his sonics and lyrics on The Remedy. 

The song is produced by DillyGotItBumpin, featuring a high pitched vocal sample in the background, and K-Reed’s voice coming in smoothly. The intro to the song also has a narrator telling you never to give up and essentially be yourself, a good precursor to the vibe the The Remedy curates.

 “I know how far I’ve come, I don’t know what’s left to go, I came all this way just to find my way back home,” sings K-Reed effortlessly.  

“They took my people so my heart been aching, I’m looking down when I walk, but when I talk my head high like I left the basement, so forgive me if I get impatient..” raps K-Reed. I think this means the confidence one continues to have regardless of the problems and suffering life throws at you, and how one has little time to waste because they know how precious life is. 

“It feel like I’m trying to climb the same ladder, yeah it's a different day fighting all the same battles and my vices keep me stabilized, I saw an angel in my dream and she had hazy (Hazel) eyes.” another metaphor to explain the mundanity of struggle and how K-Reed feels empowered spiritually due to his experiences and ability to tune into his psyche and soul. 

“Trying to handle my business I’m losing sight of my blessings” says K-Reed; this entire song is jam packed full of his poetic ability on wax. Every line will have you wanting to pick up the phone to call your mother and apologize for any bullshit that you put her through, I think that I might have to do that after giving his music video one more go. 

In The Remedy, you can see K-Reed performing in a fresh fit and créme vanilla designer coat in a white screen backdrop, along with a couch, and a piano. The art direction of the music video almost makes it feel as if the audience is the shrink or the therapist and K-Reed is the patient expressing his point of view through the song, “The Remedy”. 

“The Remedy” is a song to keep close, a strong message, a beautiful chorus, a notable entry from the entire album that is “The Nostalgia Project”; streaming now, on all platforms!

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