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Lex Ether Seeks Peace and Solidarity Through “Promised Me Land”

Chicago rapper and recording artist Lex Ether has dropped a bomb of a track to be blunt and somewhat intensely ironic. But this bomb isn’t an explosive device meant to kill, rather a method to communicate his point of love and peace between the Palestinians and Jews that currently reside in the Holy Land. 

In “Promised Me Land” Lex Ether sings a soulful hook and raps introspective yet culturally reflective lines about the situation that is tragically captivating the world at this very moment.  

I think this conflict is difficult for any one person to truly summarize without leaving another party completely vulnerable and offended. I recognize the history of the Jewish people across the planet, I recognize the historical situations of Middle Eastern peoples, such as the Crusades. I understand the detrimental after effects of WWII, I detest Hamas, and I detest the ethnic cleansing done by Israel. This situation is by no means an Occam’s Razor but perhaps records like "Promised Me Land" can help heal the pain that so many people feel in regards to this conflict, whilst simultaneously creating a bridge of unity and peace. 

Lex Ether seems to question God and his plans for the Jewish people, why'd he create an entitlement only to lead to conflict between groups of people that should be family? “They said he promised me land, but I’m just a man trying to stand for myself so Idk if I can…” Later in the first verse he raps about “what do we gotta do, to get the truth of this matter out of you?” Lex Ether takes an honest perspective being Jewish himself while seeking to understand the root of the conflict via a relationship with god. This is powerful material here, not to be taken lightly, and absolutely to be reflected on. 

Lex Ether then brings up in the 2nd verse how it really doesn’t matter the history, who was here first, you, me, the Ottoman Turks, or any ethnic group before or after, clearly this land was meant for neither of us since we’re still fighting about it, in a cold world, where we’d rather argue than lending a hand. 

“They said he promised me land, but I’m just a man.” 

This is a song all of us should listen to and reflect on with love. 

Promised Me Land is now available on all platforms.

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