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Mr. Boifriend Channels Retro Dark Energy with D3MONS

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Madison Wisconsin's own Mr. Boifriend can be described as a DIY pop artist with bellowing vocals, a bass voice, and a style reminiscent of TR/ST. Mr. Boifriend has been making music for as long as he can remember, ever since he was old enough to mess around with his father's Casio SK-1. His latest release in D3MONS came about with this old melody he had recorded with a synthesizer. Originally he didn't know what to do with it, and then eventually he was able to turn the composition into a 2 and half minute alternative pop track.

D3MONS begins with this these overlays blending over what looks like to be a Premiere Pro video editing software. Mr. Boifriend begins singing and if you're paying attention you'll notices he splices in images of Max Headroom. Mr Boifriend starts the song out singing about illusions and how someone has been living rent free in his head for 100,000 years. Vocally it reminds me of the Canadian artist TR/ST who I'm a super fan of, so this music video and song resonate with me.

"Or was it just illusion(s)? Running through confusion" Mr. Boifriend croons and his rhythm keeps a driving pace on a dusty synth pop instrumental. The video is trippy through out culminating in Mr. Boifriend singing about the demons he's battling and the demons he's still gotta shake off.

You can tell he put a lot of time into the art direction because Mr. Boifriend can be seen with different outfits, shades, and accessories all while being overlain on the Premiere Pro which is a strikingly unique decision as a video editor myself, but it was creative and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

D3MONS by Mr. Boifriend is streaming everywhere, May 26th! Go listen and view the visual today!

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