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No Way by Lex Ether, Lyrical Acrobatics and Psychedelic Sounds.

I've known Lex Ether to be quite the skilled emcee for a few years now. We partied through a mutual friend and would share tracks with each other, at the time I was in a duo so that music is history. I believe Lex Ether's sound and style has developed into this tremendously advanced craft.

The song starts out with a crazy effect on the hook, a bit indescribable what's going on in the mix, you'll have to listen yourself. When he starts rapping, immediately you'll notice how he layers and slices rhymes on top of each other to create this rolling pattern and scheme. For a speed rapper such as myself Lex's flow and bars bring a sense of sophistication that is enjoyable and refreshing. I call it, "High Level Rap" because that's exactly what is it, and Lex Ether's rapping at a high level.

"Bottom line it's dollar sign dollar sign, I gotta shine, till I'm outta time, it's by design, like Trench coats from Columbine" wow what an insane line, anytime something references historical events but with an alternative angle, my ears perk up.

"Overseas maneuvering, packing it in, pushing up into a nuvaring, im attracted to sin" two wildly braggadocio lines that would fly over your head if you're not paying attention.

"And you've been the hardest to reach, ever since I gave a harsh critique, about all the profits we don't see within the margins of your sheets." The double syllabic rhymes on the end here are wondrous. And it's clearly about someone who got in their feelings over an honest opinion from Lex Ether.

This track is chock full of DOPE lines. I highly recommend multiple playbacks on this one to capture the essence of each bar and to truly understand all the layers of meaning and entendres that Lex Ether weaves into his latest single, No Way.

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