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One of the Late Gangsta Boo’s Last Records: Big Momma by Hannah Monds

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

I stumbled upon this music video months ago and at first glance I was like, “oh cool Gangsta Boo linking up with a newer artist I’m not familiar with, goes by the name Hannah Monds”. The record is hot, the video is arguably hotter, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Hannah Monds quickly rises to the levels of some of her more mainstream contemporaries (Latto, Coi Leray, Megan Thee Stallion) etc. I did think how nice it was to see another older and more established artist give shine to a younger up n coming act. 

Ok fast forward and Gangsta Boo unfortunately passed on from this realm, and it’s always tragic when hip hop loses a pioneer of the art, especially when they are so young, only 43 years old. For reference, my mother birthed me at the age of 43. Of course I had to go through the catalog starting with Three 6 Mafia. Gangsta Boo also had a swath of a solo catalog. She’s had a few posthumous releases, and one of her last records was her feature, Big Momma, with the southern belle, Hannah Monds. Gangsta Boo hadn’t dropped an album since 2018, but she had dropped 11 singles (including Big Momma) since her last LP Underground Cassette Tape Music Vol. 2 in collaboration with BeatKing. 

Now being one of Gangsta Boo’s last songs and collaborations, this makes the record not only more iconic but it also helps cement Hannah Monds legacy too. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for her camp to hear this music now, but regardless it has its rightful place in time. 

Big Momma is a fun and sexy video featuring Hannah Monds in different cowgirl outfits, a few different sets, and accompanied by dancers. There's solid choreography to the track, and a sensual playfulness to it as well, such as the scene where Hannah Monds is baking in the kitchen. The video screams country western hip hop of the south, purposefully thematic. When Gangsta Boo’s part of the video arrives, both of the ladies are rapping in thigh high boots, cowboy hats, and jean cut offs, surrounded by chromed out vintage cars.  They exemplify hip hop, and this video sizzles!

The lyrics are hyper sexual and meant for the turn up, as well imprinting that hip hop southern belle babe attitude. It’s infectious. “Gotta bad Mamma Jamma, she colder than a sneeze, make a hot boy drop down, put him on his knees” maybe slightly emasculating there but more so about begging and lusting for her. Each line by Hannah Monds is smooth and comes off effortlessly, her style is distinct and keeps you hooked. Gangsta Boo’s lyrics are also quite sexual but she comes in with a bit of a quicker flow, really displaying a dexterity of rhythm and technique, almost chopping like faster Three 6 Mafia tracks. “City girls up but I represent them sticks pushin p in Tennessee” which is Both a reference and shout out to City Girls, Future, Gunna, and even Young Thug. 

If you’re looking to delve into a new lady of hip hop I definitely recommend Hannah Monds, everything about her style, sound, vibe, and image is attractive. And give Gangsta Boo her flowers, she came in on this record and in the manner of J. Cole really shined as a feature. I’m excited to go through more Hannah Monds and continue to pay homage to Gangsta Boo. 

Big Momma by Hannah Monds featuring Gangsta Boo is streaming everywhere, and the music visual is on YouTube! 

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