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Seen or “Unseen”? With Mike Nappi

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

An incredibly mystical individual who continues to grow on the internet with every addition to his immense catalog is Philadelphia recording artist, emcee, and producer Mike Nappi. 

Mike Nappi is someone who either found me or I found them via IG, possibly Facebook, I honestly can’t remember but thankfully I got in tune with his personality, music, and content due to the power of social media.

Nappi’s zany attitude, positive disposition, and outlook on life was quickly mineralized as he’s quite philosophically comedic in all of his social media content. This is what makes you want to then delve further into his music. And when you do you’ll hear a lush fusion of genres and eclectic styles. 

"Unseen" stands out for its almost Anthony Kiedis esque tonality for the refrain, poignant thoughtful lyrics, and an uptempo staccato like rap verse. The song presents a paradox that entertainers go through as they begin to get bigger, feeling a lack of love, a certain detachment because now everyone knows them for their work, but they don’t necessarily know them, for them. 

“The more I’m seen, I feel unseen” croons Mike Nappi with a fully resonant voice. The hook evokes ideas of the ancient Japanese proverbs about which face you decide to show the world, what they see, and what they get to know about you. Unseen is a record for the mentalists, the philosophers, and those who need just a little extra to put them at ease. 

“You won’t acknowledge it but what hurts the most, is this really success or am I ghost!” This is one of my favorite lines of the record as it pairs with the percussion section nicely with a great drop and transition back into the refrain. It's also an epic line with layers of meaning to pull back."

Mike Nappi might feel “Unseen” but this Chicagoan definitely sees the work, the uniqueness, and is proud to call myself a fan, go stream and watch the AI music video to Unseen by Mike Nappi, today! 

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