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The World Famous Main Event: A National Hip Hop Super Collab Album of Epic Proportions

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

On May 31st there is a 14 track hip hop project coming to all streaming platforms; fully produced and engineered by LA-Chicago hip hop artist and producer, Orlando Coolridge or aka beDOTwater; his beat making alias. Since all the artists are Chicago and Cali based, this makes the record a national collaboration.

The name of the LP is "The World Famous Main Event", every single song is produced and curated by beDOTwater where he hand picked and selected rappers and recording artists from his vast network to come together and deliver high octane raps as an ensemble cast of heavily seasoned spitters, myself included. He even paired all the rappers together based on their styles and how they would compliment each other on a hip hop record.

Orlando Coolridge recruited a cast of rapper characters so distinct that if this project isn't in your summer playlist, then I pity the fools that aren't up to date with the real fabric of Chicago music. The features are as follows: M.Whise The Shogun, CantBuyDeem, RhymSter, Azmattic, Jezi (The Dishwasha), SamIAm The MC, Franco Diazzy, Yung Tact, Shadowmaster MC, Leland Philpot, Father Venice, The GoodFellaz (Safi-G and GQ The Fool), Chops Diggity, Random Hoodlum, The Microphone Misfitz, Suburban DNA, JonFlëtch, BOLY Blaise, Chore Boy, MOECYRUS, StankNasty, Static Soul, Breakneck The Mage, and Franco East. If you're tapped into Chicago, Midwest, or LA indie rap than you have to be familiar with a few of these names at least. Regardless of your familiarity, this 14 track collaborative masterpiece will give a hip hop lover a fantastic starting point to get to know real budding hip hop, all of these artists could potentially be household names tomorrow. They certainly all work to that caliber and deserve more recognition for their combined catalogs.

TWFME came together over a year or so of time with much back and forth in a large group chat, brainstorming songwriting ideas, linking up individually to get vocals cut, and eventually sent into beDOTwater to engineer the songs and bring them all to life. We're all adults with lives and livelihoods beyond music so finding the time for us all to get together and make bangers was a challenge but one that we all eventually overcame, making The World Famous Main Event that much more meaningful and impactful. This is an LP that came about via a lot of grit and determination, it wasn't like we all met at a retreat and got to kumbaya for a whole week, no, this came about via sacrifice and artists giving their time to each other freely for the love of music, hip hop, and rap.

Notable favorites on the LP include, FLOW featuring BOLY Blaise, Wilhelm Duke, Little Persons featuring M.Whise The Shogun and Orlando Coolridge, Two Days featuring Yung Tact and JonFlëtch, Who's The Jazziest?! featuring Jezi and Azmattic, and Right Now featuring Chops Diggity. I highly implore you to peruse all the tracks because you will get something different and potent with each joint.

Don't miss out on the album release show being hosted at The Atlantic on the same day of the LP release, May 31st! You can purchase tickets right here -

Available for sale right now on BandCamp with the project hitting streaming platforms on May 31st!

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